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Upcoming Events

Rosie's Garage host numerous events throughout the year. There are three main events or activities we host periodically. 

  • Onsite Activities

  • Offsite Activities

  • Parent Workshops

  • Fundraising Events

  • City Events

Not all activities are open to the public. Specifically, onsite and offsite events are open to registered participants. Parent workshops are available to the public; however, priority registration goes to the parents of those students enrolled in our program. The remainder of the events are open to the general public. You can click on the link provided below to view our upcoming events. 

Events: About Us

Past Events

If you were unable to attend any of our previous events and site activities we welcome you to browse through our past events page. You will see the enormous positive change we are accomplishing in our communities. If you wish to help us further engage our community and continue our efforts to end generational poverty, please consider donating to our organization.

Events: About Us
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