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Past Events: What We Do

Past Events

After completing their homework our students decorated sugar cookies. We had a variety of shapes including trees, snowmen and Christmas stockings. Some of our kids came in ugly Christmas sweaters.​

Pumpkin Carving
October 18 &22, 2022

This month our students had the opportunity to carve a pumpkin. They displayed their amazing and creative pumpkin designs.

 The students also watched a Nightmare Before Christmas

Our kids had a blast!

 Valentine's Day Celebration 
February 15, 2021

This year Rosie's Garage spread some love by handing out Valentine's Day goodie bags to their students. Each goodie bag was filled with sweets and treats for the students to enjoy with their siblings and families. We also included a fun STEM take-home activity to challenge our students to create a penny bridge. 


Este año, Rosie's Garage difundió un poco de amor entregando bolsitas de dulce para celebrar el Día de San Valentín con  sus estudiantes. Cada bolsita estaba llena de dulces y golosinas para que los estudiantes los disfrutaran con sus hermanos y familias. También incluimos una divertida actividad STEM para desafiar a nuestros estudiantes a crear un puente de centavos.


Holiday Gift Giving 
December 19, 2020

To celebrate the holiday season, Rosie's Garage handed out treats and gifts for raffle winners. This was a fun way to share a bit of joy with our students who have been receiving tutoring via zoom. Even though our center is closed, we were happy to see our students and their families during the drive-by goodie bag pick-up. 


Para celebrar la temporada navideña, Rosie's Garage repartió golosinas y regalos para los ganadores de la rifa. Esta fue una forma divertida de compartir un poco de alegría con nuestros estudiantes que han estado recibiendo tutoría a través de zoom. A pesar de que nuestro centro está cerrado, nos alegró ver a nuestros estudiantes y sus familias durante la recogida de las bolsitas.

Rosie's Spooktacular Halloween 
October 30, 2020

Our Halloween activities were STEM based and featured an art component.  For the engineering component the students made a catapult with craft supplies. In addition, for the science component, the students dissolved baking soda in vinegar to reveal a fun surpise within the mixture. 


Nuestras actividades de Halloween se basaron en STEM y  un componente artístico. Para el componente de ingeniería, los estudiantes hicieron una catapulta con material para manualidades. Además, para el componente de ciencia, los estudiantes disolvieron bicarbonato de sodio en vinagre para revelar una sorpresa divertida dentro de la mezcla.


Outdoor Movie Night 
October 9, 2020

In an effort to stay connected, Rosies Garage hosted an outdoor Mulan movie night. This event was held on three different days with a maximum capacity of ten students per session. To remain safe, students remained socially distant and kept their masks on after eating their popcorn and snacks. Our students had a great time enjoying this outdoor movie experience! 

Para seguir conectados, Rosies Garage tuvo una noche de películas al aire libre. Este evento ocurrió en el transcurso de tres días diferentes con una capacidad máxima de diez estudiantes por sesión. Para seguir las reglas de seguridad, los niños fueron separados y mantuvieron sus máscaras puestas después de comer sus bocadillos. Nuestros estudiantes disfrutaron de esta experiencia al aire libre!

Valentine's Day Celebration 
February 14, 2020

Our kids were able to enjoy some delicious pizza, candy, and other delicious snacks while they viewed a movie in celebration of Valentine's day. Students had to complete all their homework assignments and read before they participated in these activities. Due to this incentive, the majority of our students had completed all homework assignment for the week before this date. Many students helped others by reading with them so that they could complete their reading time and could participate in these activities.

Nuestros niños pudieron disfrutar de deliciosas pizzas, dulces y otros refrigerios deliciosos mientras veían una película para celebrar el día de San Valentín. Los estudiantes tuvieron que completar todas sus tareas y leer antes de participar en estas actividades. Debido a este incentivo, la mayoría de nuestros estudiantes habían completado todas las tareas para la semana anterior a esta fecha. Muchos estudiantes ayudaron a otros leyendo con ellos para que pudieran completar su tiempo de lectura y participar en estas actividades.

Thursday Afternoon Cookie


Slime Making
February 20, 2020

Our kids had the opportunity to decorate cookies and make slime for this February onsite activity. After completing their homework and reading , each student was able to select to engage in our activities. Students who made decorated their cookies were able to enjoy them later. Some students made slime for their siblings or friends and others helped those children that hadn't made slime before. 


Nuestros niños tuvieron la oportunidad de decorar galletas y hacer limo para esta actividad in situ de febrero. Después de completar su tarea y lectura, cada estudiante pudo seleccionar participar en nuestras actividades. Los estudiantes que hicieron decorar sus galletas pudieron disfrutarlas más tarde. Algunos estudiantes hicieron limo para sus hermanos o amigos y otros ayudaron a esos niños que no habían hecho limo antes.



Paper Lantern Activity
January 30, 2020

This January activity consisted of constructing  a paper lantern in celebration of the Chinese New Year Holiday. Our students enjoyed this fun filled afternoon of arts and crafts. Site Leader, Christine, lead this activity in traditional attire.  

Esta actividad de enero consistió en la construcción de una linterna de papel en celebración de las vacaciones del Año Nuevo Chino. Nuestros estudiantes disfrutaron esta tarde llena de diversión de artes y manualidades. La líder del sitio, Christine, lidera esta actividad con vestimenta tradicional.

Holiday Festival and Coloring Activity
December 19, 2019

The final activity we had at our site was a holiday festival. This included a coloring activity,  a movie projected in a separate room for those that didn't want to partake in the activity, as well as providing food and beverages. To keep with our mission we continued to provide homework assistance for those that needed it. Parental participation was at an all time high with 98% of parents participating in the festival by providing us with snacks and drinks. 


To top this great day off, we had a visit from our sponsors and a special visit from Josh Newman, a previous congressional Senate representative of our 29th District. We thank all our sponsors, donors, and Josh Newman for stopping by to visit us.

La Habra Kiwanis Club Visit

December 17, 2019

Rosie's Garage received a surprise holiday visit from La Habra's Kiwanis Club. The two representatives handed out stockings filled with sweets and school supplies. All our students received a stocking and partook in singing with the Kiwanis representatives.


In addition to the wonderful gifts they gave our students they also gave Rosie's Garage some items that were on our wish list for the site. 

Mysterium Theater

December 8, 2019

For this particular offsite event, we provided 41 participants and their parents with entry into in the theater as well as with gift cards to McDonalds for them to have a meal after the event. The majority of those that attended the event had never seen a theater performance before; therefore, this experience was very unique to a great majority of our students. 


As the turnout was so great and the feedback from the participants and their families was in high praise of the experience, we decided to return for another performance.

 Fish Fry Fundraiser
March 19 & 26, 2021

This month, we hosted a Fish Fry Fundraiser for our students and community to enjoy. Together, our staff prepped and cooked fresh fish tacos. In addition to the tacos, we sold homemade goods, beverages, and pizza. We thank everyone who came out to support our fundraising event!  


Este mes, organizamos un evento para compartir con nuestros estudiantes y la comunidad. Para recaudar fondos, nuestro equipo personal preparó y cocinó tacos de pescado. Además de los tacos, vendimos postres caseros, bebidas y pizza. ¡Agradecemos a todos los que vinieron a apoyar nuestro evento!

La Habra's Children's Museum

November 21, 2019

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies that will increase the presence of science in the lives of our participants. For this event we were able to take 36 students and their parents to the Children's Museum in La Habra, CA. We provided the entry into the museum and food for all participants. There is no excuse to avoid the positive change science has on the developing mind.

Thanksgiving Party

November 21, 2019

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday as well as the upcoming fall break, Rosie's Garage held an onsite activity and a movie and pizza afternoon. After all students were assisted with their homework we provided them with pizza, juice, and additional snacks for their movie experience. For those students that didn't want to watch the movie, we had additional coloring activities at the center.


It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain our organizational mission: to end generational poverty. Please, consider donating to our organization to help insure programing remains free to all our participants.

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