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Harvesting the courage to create positive change in our communities through programs that help break generational poverty.



Rosie's Garage is open to all students between the ages of 6-18 years that are in need of additional academic assistance, including: STEM based tutoring, mentorship, homework assistance, and project help. 

Our approach is innovative and unique as we not only work within the current boundaries of the child but we challenge them to rise above their perceived shortcomings.

We encourage students to believe that change can be positive and welcomed. 


Throughout the year Rosie's Garage hosts activities onsite ranging from art classes, science based crafts, and cooking exercises. Activities are open to all enrolled students.

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Rosie's Garage invites enrolled students and their families to attend free excursions throughout the year to theater performances, museums, arboretums, and many more.


Summer programing consists of guided tours to local colleges and universities, science centers, outdoor films hosted by the organization, and career-based field trips.



By providing access to the right resources, parenting skills, and social-emotional support, parents can become empowered through their own abilities and gain the confidence to practice better parenting techniques at home.

The focus of these workshops is to empower the parent so that they may be a positive role model in their children's lives. This in turn will help the child thrive in school and in life. 

These workshops are open to the general public and is filled up on a first come first serve basis. To learn more about our workshop time and dates visit our event webpage or contact us. 

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Onsite, Offsite, & Parent Workshop Schedule

Utilize this link to download our organization's schedule for all our onsite, offsite, and parenting workshop activities and dates. Please note that all events are tentative and may be altered depending on availability of venue. The maximum participants allowed for each event are in parenthesis. This is also tentative pending funding. We may be able to take more than our stated max number. Contact us for further details.

Summer Activity Schedule

Utilize this link in order to view the summer activity schedule. Note this link does not become live until late in May when our normal programing comes to a close. Only those that are registered for the current year after school tutoring program are allowed to attend our summer activities.

Summer Link


This link is intended for those that want to see a synopsis of our daily schedule.

NOTE: this schedule only applies to our Main Site. Our OLG site works on a first-come first-serve basis. 

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