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Our Alumni

We value our alumni as they represent the fulfillment of our mission. If you are an alumnus of our program and would like to be featured please contact us via email and let us know where your journey took you. 

Anahi Rodriguez Prieto 2014 Alumni_edited.jpg
Looking back, I am really lucky to have received help from Rosie's Garage

Anahi Prieto

Sunset Over the Mountains
Rosie's Garage played a great role in my life because it gave me something else to do beside joining the street life, as well as provided me with tools to complete my homework.

Oscar Rodriguez

My experience at Rosie's Garage has been the best because I have learned a lot and made many friends.

Netali De Niz

Alumna - Eva Camacho ASU.JPG
I'm not sure where I'd be today without a community like La Habra and people like Rosie. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.

Eva Camacho

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