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  1. No Bullying or harassment of any kind is tolerated

  2. Absolutely no weapons (including costume) are allowed

  3. No running

  4. No fighting, pushing, intimate touching, or kicking 

  5. It is prohibited to disrespect staff, students, volunteers, or interns

  6. No videotaping, filming, or pictures are allowed to be taken without the consent of staff

  7. No use of cellphones on the premises

  8. Purposely damaging equipment or site property are grounds for automatic dismissal 

  9. No profanity or negative gestures 

  10. No outside food, drinks, or gum 

  11. No possession or use of nonprescription drugs/alcohol

  12. Acceptable attire must be worn at all times by staff and participants

  13. All students must be picked up no later than 7:15pm or the student will be driven to the local police station for security

  14. The organization is not responsible for the loss, stolen, or damaged property of students, staff, or volunteers

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