Our Sites

Throughout the years we have found it necessary to expand our services to various areas of North Orange County. Our organization seeks to provide intervention and preventative academic programs within neighborhoods designated as high crime or gang areas. Therefore, throughout the years we have had satellite locations in Santa Ana, Brea, and various locations of La Habra.

Currently we have two established sites in La Habra to serve students living in North Orange County: our primary site and our satellite location at Our Lady of Guadalupe (Currently Closed Due To Covid-19 Restrictions ) . Below is information regarding each site.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

olg site .jpg

In the Spring of 2019, Rosie's Garage partnered with Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in La Habra to open a secondary site on their school campus. Father Becker welcomed Rosie's Garage and allowed our organization the use of the school library every Monday.

This site is located at:

900 W La Habra Blvd., La Habra, CA 90631 

Hours of Operation: 

Monday Only 3:30pm - 6:30 pm


In the Fall of 2019, we accepted applications for enrollment in our new location. Due to the unexpected demand for our service we closed registration within a few days. We have managed to maintain consistently high enrollment and participant numbers for this site. All participants for this site are able to attend our main site and participate in all organizational activities. Enrolled students for this site are provided with homework, project, and essay assistance as well as tutoring services on a first come first serve basis. No further on-site activities, literacy program, or regular programing takes place at this satellite site. As our organization is nondenominational we accept all students from local neighborhoods around the site.

NOTE: This site is located on a school campus and therefore we follow the schools academic calendar; therefore, we are closed whenever the campus is closed, which is for all major holidays and federally observed days. We are also closed during the summer months, May-August.



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Main Site

In 1991 our Executive Director, Ms. Rose Espinoza, saw the rise of gang influence, crime, and drugs in her 5th Street neighborhood in La Habra. After meeting with the majority of the parents in her neighborhood, Ms. Espinoza resolved to aid her community by opening her garage as a safe haven for youth. Ms. Espinoza and her husband would open their garage to all neighborhood students that wanted a safe place to go and study. After a while Ms. Espinoza began to supply the students with free books donated by local organizations and families as well as with tutoring and homework assistance.


In 1995, after evaluating the changing positive conditions of her neighborhood, Ms. Espinoza decided to relocate to another community where she could provide similar positive change. After speaking with the La Habra chief of police, Ms. Espinoza decided to relocate to one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city, the Grace /Cypress neighborhood. Within this small 1/2 mile radius there were over 1,000 police calls made over the span of a year, with the majority of calls being gang or drug related. This was the neighborhood most police officers didn't want to go into due to the high level of crime and violence. Ms. Espinoza took on this challenge and encouraged by her recent success decided to relocate and rent a house that would serve as the main site for the program. 

The success of the program can't be overstated. There has been a huge drop in crime. In 2018, there were only 25 calls to the same neighborhood radius where before there were over 1,000 calls per year. Education Development Index (EDI) data indicates that the neighborhood surrounding this site are prepared public school entry and are on track to meet required national standards of education.

Main site location: 

348 Grace Ave, La Habra, CA 90631

Hours of Operation: 

Monday through Thursday 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Daily schedule provides for an individual hour of assistance whereby the student may receive help with homework, projects, essays, tutoring, and literacy training. In addition to the daily schedule there are specific days set aside for on-site activities as well as off-site excursions. All services are provided free of charge. Those enrolled for this site are able to attend our satellite site at Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

NOTE: We close for all major holidays and federally reserved dates.